Thank you giveaway!!!

I wish we could have daylight savings time everyday.

Really. Who couldn’t use one more hour? Everyday?

We stayed up late Saturday night watching Star Wars (the original) eating from a big ol’ bowl of popcorn piled on the couch surrounded by fuzzy love on the floor.

Everyone adjusted to the time change smoothly.

I wish I had time to pursue every creative avenue I have.

One such avenue I put on hold a couple years ago, waiting for my kids to be older.

Painting walls is such a dream. I have so many ideas in my head.

When an old friend asked me about painting the nursery for her third baby, I hesitated.

I have been asked to paint several walls in the past and declined. I planned on waiting until my kids were in school and I had an easier schedule to work with.

But I loved her idea and being a fabulous returning customer, I agreed.

Here are stools custom made for her boys. Hubs made the stools, I painted. Again, something I wish I had more time for.


While it did take a lot longer than I originally planned, it was a great learning curve for me. Mind you, I am used to working with tiny amounts of paint any more.

naked monkeys

mid nursery

done monkeyslion




If I just had more time everyday to do all the different things I want to do. I love painting walls, I want to illustrate, I want to learn new techniques, I want to learn graphic ANYthing!

But for now, time and space is temporarily limited.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

But LOTS of big dreams in store 🙂

So what better way to say thank you all for helping me make my dreams a reality than to giveaway a set of glasses!?!

Who wants a set of glasses (wine, pints, rocks, flutes, shooters, whatever you choose) for your favorite team?!

Whether it’s a pro, college, local or even peewee team, show your spirit with your own custom painted and personalized glassware! Makes a terrific gift just in time for the Holidays!






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  1. Would love Yankees glasses !

  2. Some 49ers beer glasses would make a great Christmas gift for the hubster!

  3. Rochelle Callahan says:

    You did an excellent job on the nursery!! I’d love someone to do our baby girl’s nursery….but I am broke and the only person I know personally with enough talent is someone I don’t like LoL Keep up the amazing work!!!

  4. Love your work!!

  5. Joyce Crane says:

    A set of Seahawks glasses would be perfect. Love your talent and being able to watch you grow as an artist.

  6. The nursery turned out beautiful!

  7. Shele Schlutter says:

    Our perfect pair of glasses would be one for the Steelers and one for the Ravens. We are a house divided. The nursery is amazing. Did the same for a friend a while back. keep up the great work. The stools are pretty cool too. I made wooden plaques for 2 of my nieces for Christmas last year, with their initials, and a flower.

  8. heather cameron worley says:

    Would love one made with my 11 year old sons baseball team!! 🙂 Awesome!

  9. The nursery is absolutely fabulous! If I could turn back the hands of time 10 years, that is exactly how I could have done my son’s nursery.

  10. I would LOVE some Colts glasses! 🙂

  11. misty rummell says:

    Go steelers

  12. Dana Hall says:

    Raiders glasess for the hub would be fantastic!!

  13. Margaret Contard says:

    Would love a set of white wine /champagne glasses in 49’ers color for my Sis who is an avid fan!

  14. Nyeasia Pippin says:

    Thank you for your awesomeness!

  15. I would love to win Seahawks glasses for my Momma 🙂
    Your Monkey/Nursery painting has inspired me to use Monkeys for my own baby due on 7/4/2014 🙂
    Thank you <3

  16. Sarah Hutson says:

    Wow! The nursery looks great! You have a beautiful talent!

  17. Alissa Riker says:

    Would love Texas longhorns glasses

  18. 1/2 the set Green Bay Packers & 1/2 Minnesota Vikings would be awesome!! Wow, the nursery is amazing!! Wonderful job!!

  19. Barbara Mayes says:


  20. That nursery turned out great! I am especially in love with the lion- he just reminds of why I love the big cats in general! 🙂

  21. I would love to win a set of Steelers pints for my soon to be husband (Nov 16th <3), it'd make an awesome wedding gift!!!!

  22. the nursery turned out AMAZING!!!! You are awesome!!!!

  23. Oh, the giraffe-ness of it all!! Love the nursery!

    Hub loves the Raiders.

    Nursery is more of a winner than they’ll ever be!

  24. I love the nursery!! Wish I had the talents you do!!!

  25. heidi lopez says:

    Can you please let me know when you are taking orders for the sports glasses? I have a couple sets I would like to buy as gifts. You do amazing work!

  26. your painting in the nursery is totally amazing!!!! are so talented..i would Love to win a set of Browns wine glasses for my hubby..

  27. Would love to win a set of shot glasses with the Oregon Ducks logo on them..

  28. Kristin Temsic says:

    Would love an Ohio State wine and beer glass set!!
    P.S. i adore the fall leaves set I purchased! Thank you!

  29. Renee Beck says:

    I would love to win a set mugs with the Michigan State logo (big Spartan head). “Michigan” on top, then the Logo “spartan head” in the middle, After that write “State”. Also would be awesome is a Big “S” in the bottom of the Mug so when your done with your drink you see your S for State in green and white 🙂 and if you could write Renee on the back of one would be fantastic! 🙂 TY for this chance at winning something you create! You are so amazing at what you do!! <3

  30. Charly Hartley says:

    Mizzou Tigers would make a great set!

  31. I just hope the winner isn’t a Steelers fan! 😉

    I do love Ohio State though!

  32. The nursery is amazing! Would love to do something like that for our newest grandbaby that is due in March. I would love to win a set of Bears mugs or one Bears one Rams if possible since my husband is a Rams fan 🙂 thank you so very much for the opportunity

  33. Megan Smith says:

    I Wish I Had HALF of Your Talent!!!

  34. Would love to win a set of UGA wine glasses! GO DAWGS!!!!
    Love your artistic talent. What a blessing!

  35. I’m not sure if it went through the first time I wrote it, so I’m going to try again. (Forgive me if it’s repetitive.)

    Instead of requesting a set for myself, I am requesting a set of Nebraska Cornhusker glasses for my cousin Betsy. Betsy was recently diagnosed with a partially inoperable brain tumor (It originates on her brain stem. It’s very rare and she is 1 out of 50 cases in the world.) The part that they were able to remove left her with a droopy face, an eyelid that won’t close, impaired speech, loss of vision and use of a cane 24/7. Betsy used to have such passion for baking and now is not able to do much of anything. She has two young children who now have to rely on their father for EVERYTHING. (He served 26 years in the US Airforce and thankfully retired before she got the diagnosis) Betsy recently had surgery to put gold in her eyelid to weigh it down, because she lost the ability to blink her left eye, due to nerve damage. It has been quite the ordeal for her and the family, as I’m sure you can imagine. The one thing she hasn’t lost though is her absolute love for The Cornhuskers. I truly believe that she would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have these glasses to add to her collection. I thank you so much for offering a set to your fans. It shows your kindness and generosity. Thank you so very much! <3

  36. You talent is so amazing I’m floored with the things you have produce.. May God continue to bless you with this amazing gift.. Keep on inspiring us with you beautiful creation. I would love a set of the 49ers to show off to all my friends and family at my Super Bowl Bash.. Best of luck and wishes and May you have a wonderful Holiday season from my family to your.

  37. I would love to win a set of glasses. Half cowboys and half Tampa Buc’s we are a household divided. But both really love our teams!

  38. Colleen Day says:

    Would love a set of Redskin wine glasses. Your work is amazing!

  39. ROLL TIDE!!!! <3

  40. Would love a set of wine glasses in Cowboys/Steelers, because as someone else said, we are a house divided!!!

  41. Mary Burtt-Henderson says:

    Would love beer mugs with the Patriots…not for me but for my grown sons!

  42. autumn nissen says:

    I would love to win some for my man.

  43. The Patriot glass caught my eye. My daughter’s Middle school mascot are Patriots, Pierce Patriots in MI.
    Absolutly LOVE the jungle animals and trees, simply amzing!

  44. I loved the story of creating that nursery. It’s beautiful! (And I’m hoping for something in Broncos — my husband is a 40-year fan.) 🙂

  45. Love the walls in the nursery – always enjoy your glasses

  46. Tammie McGinnis says:

    Something with maybe the Detroit Redwings? Something Detroit involved…. 🙂

  47. You are so incredibly talented! I’ve loved your wine glasses, now I see all the work you’ve done in the nursery! We’d love something Ohio State.

  48. Terri Thomas says:

    I would love to have a set of Beer glasses for my hometown Kansas City Chiefs!! 🙂

  49. Joy Jackson says:

    What an awesome gift you have – It always amazes me the things that come to life from the end of a paint brush So Beautiful thanks for sharing your gift.

  50. jaime lawrence says:

    Love your stuff!!

  51. would love to win the Broncos for my man his birthday is next month!!! Thanks for the chance

  52. I hope some LA Kings glasses are in my future!

  53. Oh gosh! Please come paint my room!

  54. Debbie McHone says:

    OU Sooners on a pub glass! Yep! Sounds like a winner =D

  55. Kim Slates says:

    The baby’s room looks awesome!!! Buckeye glasses would be awesome!!!

  56. Love ur work…. Sooo would love to win….Go Broncos!!!

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