Lighten Up People

I have been keeping myself pretty busy these days.

However, I recently came across an interesting read about the inquiry of how often one should post on their blog.

While there were many answers and opinions and discussions on the subject, I did find that not one recommended blogging on a monthly basis. Seems I am not properly updating so I figured it would be a good time to do so.

Life is still crazy hectic.

Just like I am sure it is for every one of you.

School, work, kids, snow, freezing-ludicrous-cold, new year, car, dentist, birthdays, schedules, appointments, meetings, itineraries, illness, celebrations, babies, weddings, family, friends, loss, recoveries, and rebirths keep us all so busy.

It is easy to forget to relax every once in awhile. To slow down, or *gasp* stop even, to enjoy….life.

It is the little things that make life meaningful.

It is the silly things that make life humorous.

And sometimes it is up to us to change our perception to improve our own circumstances.

We need to lighten up.

Silly things… like the need to document toy Finn Mcmissile’s last journey.

The other night I was irritated with my son’s busted toy matchbox Finn Mcmissile car. It used to say quotes from the movie when you pushed a button but something happened and it started making the most irritating, drone noise and will. not. stop.

It was annoying at first.

Then I posted about it and laughed at the responses. Then someone recommended I make it a contest to see how long this thing will last.

Now, four days after he started, I am carrying this thing around so I know the moment he stops and he has officially grown on me. I am enjoying documenting his last days. Or weeks. Or however this thing goes on.

I was just explaining this to hubs in the car this morning.

He fails to see the thrill and excitement I get from capturing images on Finn’s travels.

While it makes me giggle when I explain that I need a pic of my toy Finn on the counter of Dunkin Donuts, or the bar at Applebees, it makes him uncomfortable.

When I have to take Finn out of my pocket and hand him to the security guard at the Cleveland Q for the Lake Erie Monster’s game after he set the alarm off, I can see him shaking his head at me.

Silly, eccentric people like myself, can appreciate the oddness of the moments and enjoy sharing them with the masses.

Because you all will be glad to see updates of ‘Finn watch”


The young employees seemed perplexed when the patron whipped a toy car out of her pocket and squatted down to snap a pic while they made her coffee…download movie Get Out 2017 now



At least I was considerate enough not to to snap a pic at the hub’s office while he was looking. I’ll let his coworkers ask about it when I’m not there…


The most casual of all encounters was the bartender. When asked if he minds if his pic is up for thousands to see ‘naaah,  I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn already one somewhere’

I actually had Finn in my coat pocket at church this morning but decided against perching him on the pew in front of me for a photo op.

I did have someone tell me in the checkout line at the store that my phone was vibrating  which I just had to smile and respond ‘thanks, it’s just my toy Finn Mcmissile’.  I figure they were quite satisfied with that answer or too afraid to ask because nothing else was streaming film Power Rangers online

So what started out as a complete pain to me, has become really amusing.

My perspective of it has changed.

So try to relax and enjoy the silliness that life has to offer. Lighten up people.

There will always be enough deadlines and responsibilities to keep us busy. Try to enjoy the little things. The silly things.


Oh yah, I almost forgot about my fitness update!

I just finished the entire Insanity program, and I am starting it over tomorrow. That gives me enough time to complete it again before my 35th Birthday.

I never weigh myself so I have no idea where I am or how much I lost, but I AM wearing jeans I wore in college (as in, PRE-baby) *yesssssssss*

I’ll check in again after the first month.



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