SPRING BREAK!!! ~sure doesn’t mean what it used to

Ohio weather, you stink.

Sure 60 one week, snow the next, but in the same day?

We all deserve a LOT more credit for being as mentally stable as we are.

*Note that I did not say mentally stable period, just mentally stable as we are.

My little family spent this busy weekend adventuring together.

Saturday was my son’s hockey practice where hubs is assisting coaching and we all stayed for open skate. Which is actually typical weekend scheduling for us, but today we went to the Cleveland Zoo Rainforest.streaming Logan 2017 film

I have not been there in over 20 years.

It was awesome.

PicMonkey Collagezoo






Perfect cold day to spend in the humidity and there was not too many people so there was plenty of room and time to spend at each exhibit.

I was most mesmerized by the ants.

Gosh, I’m old….seriously? The ANTS?

They were fascinating!

Leafcutters. The exhibit was set up to stretch across 30 feet of a dark room. One end had the leaf chamber,where behind the glass you could see the ants cutting and separating leaf cuttings from a tree. Then there were tunnels and clear pipes that came out of the walls and back into the exhibit where you could observe a massive ant farm with tunnels and chambers and you could follow them on their way back and forth.

I could have sat there all day. What coordination. What cooperation. What work ethic. They as a species are marvelous. If only ours could take note.

My next favorite would have to be the sloth.

Again, how exciting is that?

Seriously the sloth?

Yep. I was taken with him and watching his cliche slow movement. Which was constant so I assume, for this guy, it was a pretty active day.

Last, and probably my most favorite was the cameleon.

He was so cool. Watching his eyes move and his feet step slowly, I could see the Lion King, Tangled and Rango animated versions clearly while studying this guy.

Yah, I guess you could say my zoo pallet has matured over the years. Not the orangutans, not the alligators, not the little lemur looking monkey dudes, but the cameleon…..the sloth….and the ants. Huh, kinda boring.

While we did not take home any crazy souvenirs:


We did experience rock candy for the first time. That took me back. Always was a ‘souvenirish’ treat only experienced at excursions and very easily pacifies the desire to purchase something ridiculously priced at gift shops.



Wow the phrase ‘Spring Break’ sure does evoke a whole different set of emotions than it did 15 years ago.watch The Invisible Guest film online now

Su-ure, anyone can find the thrill of going to the beach, relaxing under the hot sun, sleeping in and partying late.

But real excitement is found in the challenge of making educational memories for little molding minds while dealing with inclement weather, a limited budget and a constricted time schedule yet-trying-to-keep-up-with-work-and-stay-on-top-of-YOUR-HOUSEHOLD-AND-SANITY-WHILE-KEEPING-LITTLE-PEOPLE-BUSY-ENOUGH-TO-NOT-DESTROY-ONE-ANOTHER-AS-THEY-LITERALLY-DEMAND-YOUR-ATTENTION-EVERY-TEN-MINUTES *inhales*


So I raise my glass of reasonably priced boxed wine and my secret hidden stash of girl scout cookies to all us moms out there. who have a completely different opinion of Spring Break these days.


Good luck folks


  1. Haha, Ohio weather sounds a lot like Texas! We also spent time at the Zoo for spring break, though I think my husband enjoyed it more than the kids. 🙂

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