My 35th Birfday

I just got out of the shower after running five miles and was about to get in bed when I realized… I have a few words to share.

First of all, I understand that most of you have no idea how absurd that previous sentence is.

I just recently discovered that I loved running.

And that I could run for that matter.

I have been up and down with exercise my entire life, I reached an ultimate low for physical health last year.

After an all-clear from the doctor which thwarted my quick-fix-because-I-am-sure-this-constant-fatigue-and-weight-gain was due to a thyroid issue and would be resolved with some medical science…..I was told to adjust my diet and exercise. Ick.

A few days later I heard an ad on Pandora for a 30 day trial for Daily Burn, a health and fitness program with a variety of workout programs.

I [surprisingly] stuck with it. After 6 months I moved onto Insanity program. I completed 2 full sessions and am still using the second month workouts intermixed with running and cross training.

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I plan to run my first half marathon this September.

^^^THAT sounds so surreal.

Anyway, this is all important to know, because not only am I experiencing a physical metamorphose, I am experiencing a mental change.

I am truly convinced that we were meant to work. To sweat. To push. To feel sore. To recover. To repeat.

It doesn’t matter where you are. You can start anywhere. Just going for a walk. Taking the stairs. It all sounds so cliche but I swear it is all so true.

If you stick with it, you will eventually feel so much better.

Of course a healthy diet will help, but to be honest, I knew I would never be happy with a completely healthy diet (hello my name is Kimmy, and I am addicted to sugar [eating bottle caps as she types]) so that is why I realized I would literally have to work my butt off.

Okay, okay sorry for the PSA on fitness but I just want to share what I am experiencing.

I thought 35 was going to be hard for me, not sure why, it was just my milestone birthday.

*So many people think 30 is a big deal but I say, embrace it. Now you have a whole new decade to look good for. You may have looked/felt good for being in your twenties but now   you look/feel great for being in your thirties!

I was experiencing a lot of anticipation building up to this day and it was a terrific day. Hubs had to work so  I spent it coloring chalk Disney princesses  with my kids and neighbors. Yep, I played with my peers.  As I did not have a birthday cake, I carried a tub of icing and a box of graham crackers around without any judgement nibbling. all. day. long. It was deeeeelightful.

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I feel like I finished the 1st major portion of life and am just starting the next.

I experienced a lot. A lot of good. A lot of bad. A lot of joy. A lot of heartache. A lot of confusion. A lot of questions. A LOT of stumbling.

I am so blessed to be at a point where the grass is greener right here.

I have found myself,  fallen in love,  and it has allowed me to fall in love with the world around me.

I am so imperfect and I am SO okay with that.

Actually, I am great with that.

Sure I have wanted things, a nicer car, more financial stability, a house of our own, but you know what?  I have exactly what I need.

I have my health, my family, my beautiful battle scars to remind me of how strong I didn’t even know I could be and I have love. So much love.

Love makes life great.

Love your family, love your friends, love strangers…..and love your enemy.

No matter what kind of struggles or issues you are experiencing with whomever you are experiencing them with, let love win.

Realize that you ultimately have different perceptions and you are misinterpreting each other. Let. Love. Win.

You will be amazed at what it can do.

Ok, off to sleep and see what exiting things He has in store for the next chapter starting tomorrow.

I love you  all.





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