Losing our Freedom

So there is this story about this guy who made a lot of people mad because of his [ignorant] life views.

This story does not surprise me at all.

I am not surprised that some rich, powerful guy who makes his money off others does not recognize nor appreciate the people or talent he makes his money off of.

That’s not news.

What IS news according to our world is that while this guy DOES have the freedom to feel the way he does in this country, he is not allowed to express them. In a phone call. With one significant other in a  what-was-thought-to-be a private conversation.

Don’t get me wrong, he is obviously wrong.

But people are not focusing on the important factor of this story.

The world (or the media’s control of our world) perspective of this story is focused on the drama.

The REAL story that SHOULD be receiving the attention is the legalities.

I think most of us feel protected here in ‘Merica and don’t have too much concern for losing our rights as citizens but guess what folks, it is ALREADY happening!

This is just one example of many all over the news where people’s privacy is being demolished with the dawn of social media and it is changing everything.

This man was raked over the coals in front of the country and lost his job, and money and was banned from his industry because of a conversation that was blasted over media. He was not on a soapbox condemning anyone, he was not slewing hate speech to the masses.

Do not misinterpret me.

I am NOT defending him with this point.

I am pointing to an arising issue that we are missing because it is our nature to get so caught up with drama.

This sounds eerily familiar to someone else who was also raked over the social condemnation coals for using language that was from her life experience.  And I love that woman. She loves butter, I love butter.

We are losing our freedom as we speak.

A huge issue at this very moment is being defined about whether or not police will be allowed to search your cell phone with an arrest warrant.

This is huge people.

I personally have no problem with this because I have nothing to hide but it is the principal.

We are losing our freedom.

Social media can post pictures of any one  and it can go viral without their own knowledge.

My first experience with this was when someone complained about public pictures that were posted on a bar/dance club’s fan page and people were being documented for the world to see without their knowledge.

It happens EVERY where now.

I worry for our children, for my daughter.

We are all at EVERYone’s disposal because ANYone can post anyTHING whether it is true or tampered with and it is free to go viral for the world to see without any justice.

We have all heard stories of student’s accusing teachers, employee’s accusing bosses about anything and once this happens, the accused is condemned until proven innocent.

We are losing freedom.

People are now capable of condemning anyone with any incriminating detail- whether it is valid,  circumstancial  or completely made up!

It is a new world folks.

My only advice is to try not to jump on the bandwagon and condemn anyone or anything before you really know anything about it.

And I don’t mean by the viral memes and such.

Social media is breaking down the news and media’s control of our perception of the ‘goings-on’ of the world.

It is truly the dawn of a new age.

News is liquid.

We are learning events from first person point of views AS they are happening. BEFORE the powers-at- be have time to manipulate it.

But the flip side to this exiting coin is that we have to truly consider what our focus is.

Let’s try to be less hateful, and try to look at everything with a little bit of grace. With love.

Glass houses, people.

I would hate for the world to run with any of my faults before I had a chance to stand trial.

SO continue in love all 🙂


    Freedom of Speech…we all have opinions that others disagree with. The focus needs to be on the bigger picture FREEDOM. Freedom of speech, freedom to listen or don’t. Freedom to choose to walk away, quit that job, eat that food, work for that guy or gal.

  2. Dawn S says:

    Freedom. Freedom is one of our basic and fundamental rights. People are absolutely allowed to vocalize their ugly feelings, freedom of speech and all that. People can say whatever they want, really, but then they have to deal with the repercussions. There are consequences for the things we SAY and do. I agree there should be some expectation of privacy – but these days, one just never knows. If we make every effort (and I’m very far from perfect) to keep our words and actions acts and products of kindness the world would be a better place. No, not everyone thinks that way, but it’s a start, right?
    We must all be smarter, especially with social media. Limit what we share, know the settings and how they work. And as you’ve pointed out, don’t let mainstream news media spoon-feed us our opinions. We need to think for ourselves.
    Excellent blog.

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