Broken Glass

So I just broke a painted sheet of glass.



Aaaaand I need to take a break from painting.

I am trying to get back into the habit of enjoying painting while preparing for my next art show aaand it’s different.

Different than how it used to be.

Life is different than how it used to be.

I don’t feel like I used to.

I don’t feel all energetic and emotional and motivated, listening to loud music and just feeling… the mood to create.

I also took a bit of a hiatus from socializing (physically and virtually).

However, school starts Monday for both my miniature people and it is high time I start living this life again instead of hiding out and waiting until I feel normal  again.

Because apparently I never felt ‘normal’.

After developing a very new relationship with my new Dr. I have come to accept that I have been experiencing minimal mood shifts and hypomania for most of my adult life.

Upon moving into our new living situation I started taking an antidepressant to help me deal with stress and anxiety, which apparently lead me [slowly] into full blown mania.

It really sucks. And I hate that word. But it fits.

I will share more details of my whole ‘adventure’ (which quite honestly, was the best time and the most fun I have ever had) in a later post.

This one is to get reacquainted with the world.

The sucky part started immediately after the fun part. I had to take some heavy hitting medication to bring me down and I have been down for awhile now.

I wish so badly I could go back up to my functional irrationally happy/slightly annoying self. And I may never get to.

But we are working on it.

I am on two mood stabilizers and am hoping once school starts and my family is back on some sort of schedule, to return to a healthy lifestyle and recommit to exercise.

I just wish painting was as freeflowing as it used to be. And I am anticipating it to be so.

Here is a peek of a few of the pieces I am currently working on:

10631184_10202542425231315_8336265639234782708_o 10626270_10202542426591349_5498879877659102497_o 10560554_10202542425271316_2572212348189931109_o 983781_10202542426551348_4389329556997928091_n

Things are starting to get better already.

I am no longer crying for no reason or experiencing moments of ridiculous sadness and hopelessness.

I am back to feeling like life is worth living.

And I hope to soon be back to always finding the silver lining. That gift I seem to have lost lately.

But…. I’m here.

SO here’s to finding my path again and to sharing love -because that part I thought I lost but now I know I cannot-

Let. Love. Win.



  1. Take your time & just get well. All of the paintings are beautiful!!! You are so very talented, just make sure you are taking care of you!!!

  2. Take your time & do what you need to get healthy. We’ll still be here for you! I’m sure more than one of us is going through something similar.

  3. Kay Young says:

    Hey there talented one! I like your work a lot. Having pretty much started the rise of hand painted glass here in the US in the mid-90’s under Kay Young Glassware, I have to say all of this is rough and tough on all levels.You are in good company. Being a Mom, an artist, a friend, and all those other hats you struggle to wear is tiring on a good day. I get it. i also am sending you my appreciation for all that you do and all that you are! take Care!~Kay Young

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