I heart you, Severus

So I recently watched a documentary that I cannot get out of my head. And I don’t want to.

It was compelling, it was heartbreaking, it was raw, it was real.

A Path Appears on PBS was a three part documentary about making a difference in the world.

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‘The title is from Lu Xun, a prominent Chinese writer who said that Hope is like a path in the countryside. First, there is no path but as more and more people walk again and again…a path appears. Meaning a solution appears. It’s about innovative  strategies for making a difference.”     -Sheryl WuDunn

Watching something like this not only inspires a desire to make a difference. it makes you look at your own life in a new perspective.

I know it is not possible for us all to make the change we would like to.

But in a parallel thought, as these individual stories are drops that make ripples and spread positivity, so can our daily thoughts and activities.

We can have a positive influence on our surroundings all the time.

It is how we treat eachother.


Kindness goes such a long way.

Doesn’t that person whether it was a server or casheir or postman or the person in front of you in line, who was so happy and smiling, bubbling over…..didn’t they make you smile?

Smiling is contageous y’all.

And that can be a drop that makes ripples and spreads positivity.

It may not be a solution for the world’s issues, but it helps.

And to those who seem immune, you never know what they are going through. You may never understand their perception.

The Severus Snapes of the world- mind you, I recently finished the Harry Potters so spoiler alert if you, like me, are so behind pop culturally and have yet to finish the Potter series-  the misunderstood, often seeming negative folk may be just that. Misunderstood.


Their expression may not be percepted properly because we don’t always get to see the entire backstory and thought process at the end of interaction we have with people.

So, even though it is our nature to jump to the defense over every interaction, even the way that driver looked at you when you drove by, we don’t necessarily perceive their expression properly.

It is so easy to snap back.

It is hard to smile and let it go.

It is harder yet, to be positive with the people in our lives that just bring us down. Whether it is judgement, criticism, cruelty or just plain jealousy, we should try to stop it. Stop that negative ripple and counteract with a positive one.

Be an example to those around you.

Life can be yucky.

For everyone of us.

But we can choose to make a difference no matter how small it may seem, we will never know how big it can grow, if we choose kindness. If we choose love.

Let love win.

Mark 12:29-31

“The most important one” answered Jesus, “is this: love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”






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