About Me


Hi there! I am a hobbyist turn entrepreneur turn business woman. I literally stumbled into my own business and am learning how to manage it while being a full time mama to my 7 and 4 year old, affectionately referred to as ‘Snizzle’ and ‘Schmist’ respectively. I am a mama by day/artist by night. When my kids go to bed I pour a big ol’ glass of wine and go to work. When they get up, I pour a big ol’ cup of coffee and go to work. I hear sleep is overrated. My life has been one unexpected journey after another and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Looking back it is easy to see that every failure, every pain, every stumble was just another step on my path and I hope to inspire anyone who feels lost or depressed or confused because I have been there. I have been at the lowest of low points. Physically and mentally. It has taught me not to fear what the future has in store, rather, to try to accept it, use it, and to continue always looking on the bright side.

I love to create. Mostly messes. And sometimes art. I can’t really cook, I eat way too much junk food -usually hiding from my children behind the open refrigerator door while they eat yucky vegetables, and I have had a constant soundtrack in my head since grade school. Welcome to my little world where I love to share life stories and art and lots of the nonsense in my head.


Makikisart: a combination of ‘Mama’ and [aunt] ‘Kiki’ which was all Makiki heard when she first began painting for the local art district while watching her nephews and kids.

Once upon a time, Makiki was on an academic path planning to follow her big sisters footsteps and become a teacher when a family car accident changed her life.

After recovering from physical injuries Makiki struggled with depression and anxiety while trying to pick up her path. Subsequently switching schools and majors several times (none being art related) she ended up with a career in the service industry, waiting tables and tending bar for over a decade.

Years later she found an old window in the basement and painted it to hang it in their living room, revealing a passion for painting on glass.

Discovering a new medium to work with, she started collecting salvaged windows and mirrors – right off the curb and enjoyed transforming trash into art.

While displaying her work at the restaurant she was tending bar at, Makiki painted a set of glasses as a gift. Their unexpected popularity changed the focus from salvaged windows to stemware.

Makiki transitioned from art shows to wine shows.

With the arrival her second baby Makiki could not easily participate in events,  and decided to experiment with Facebook.

She found her niche.

Makiki now sells world wide and has merchandise available for purchase at several local establishments.

Having been featured in several interviews, news articles and magazines including Success Magazine, Gladys Magazine and Today’s Bride; Makiki is growing and exploring many new avenues.

‘I hope that by sharing my continuing journey I help to inspire and motivate anyone who feels lost or hopeless because we don’t all follow the same plan or template. We can make our own happily ever after’